Notes from Carolyn

Welcome to Perry Pencil & Paper! We are a small business with a big love for pencils, pens and stationery. After teaching for almost 20 years and a lifetime love of desk supplies, I started Perry Pencil Co. in 2018 and made it my full time job in 2020. Perry Pencil & Paper joined the mix in 2021 with a full range of pencils, pens, paper and elevated desk supplies. 
How did we get here? 
I (Carolyn Perry, the Perry in Perry Pencil) was on the hunt for a gift in December of 2017 and found the perfect cheeky embossed pencils to give to a friend. Once I got them home, I starting do they make these? What followed was months down the rabbit hole finding out all the hows and wheres of pencil embossing. In March of 2018, I opened Perry Pencil Co. on Etsy. It is still there and very active! We emboss and ship pencils all over the world. 
How did we make the jump from just pencils of a full stationery shop? 
I have vivid memories of standing at the boxed stationery wall at Hallmark as a child or wanting to buy absolutely everything at our local stationery shop, Just Write. As much as I loved all the things to fill up my little white desk in my purple room, life took me in the direction of journalism and then on to teaching elementary school. Coincidentally, both rely heavily on writing. After 18 years, in education I was ready for a new chapter. The stars lined up and I was able to leave that career and start my next. Thus, here we are. As many small business owners will tell you, it is a grind but I couldn't be happier.